Camilla Brueton

Photograph shows a yellow dress hanging on a clothes rail in a street market.

Photograph of a very well stocked book stall in a street market. The stall has a stripey green and white awning.
Photograph of a box of yellow melons on a fruit and veg stall in a street market.
Photograph of a faded shop sign. The sign has vetical blue and light blue stripes. The word 'Frakes' is just visable.
Photograph of a golden bicycle leaning against the window of a bike shop in the sunshine.
Photograph of a red and white barbers pole, next to a pink and white sign which features the outline of some scissors, a comb and a hand.

Postcards from Leather Lane

Photographs and publication in collaboration with writer Aoife Mannix
Leather Lane Market, London

Photograph of the postcard publication 'Postcards From Leather Lane'. It features the picture of the bookstall, plus the title in blue on a paper band running vertically across the middle.Commissioned by Spread the Word to work with writer Aoife Mannix to create a series of ‘Postcards from Leather Lane’. This small publication featured new poetry about the market by Aoife accompanied by my photographs. The project exhibition was shown at the Pop Up Shop on Leather Lane, The British Museum and toured Camden Libraries.