Camilla Brueton

Selected Artwork

A satellite image of a forest, overalid with a grid
orange land and an orange roof
A photograph of the top of a mid-rise building
A detail of a drawing of a hut on a cliff
a detail from "Distant Places (N&W)
Detail of line drawing of water
detail of pencil drawing
Detail of drawing
london skyline in the distance
framing the city
Nice installation
Nice small works
Train Series Installation 2
Avenue to Fox Hill
Clapham Junction
Clapham Junction 3
Clapham Junction 2
Clapham Junction 1
Strip taken from a larger photograph, showing the interior of a flat. To the left is a table and chair, to the right in a fan.
Strip taken from a larger photograph. Shows the top of a yellow dress hanging on a clothes rail in a market.
Strip taken from larger photograph. Shows a yellow tea cup sitting on a round table, covered in a red gingham table cloth.
Strip taken from larger photograph. Shows two handsoaps next to each other, both cream, one slightly lighter than the other. They both say 'Welcome' on them.
Strip taken from larger photograph of the book 'point and place'. Image shows fragments of three pages, blue to the left, text in the middle, corner of an image showing a sandwich to the right.
Strip taken from a larger drawing. Shows the middle of a mapping of a funfair. Is made up of rounded shapes, coloured in red, yellow, green and blue. It contains the work 'funfair'.
Strip taken from larger photograph show a drawing of a cctv camera, sitting in a field of flax plants.
Strip from larger pen on paper drawing showing two cctv cameras attached to a lampost.
Strip taken from large photograph showing thee classic cars on the top deck of a multi storey car park. The picture is taken from the ramp leading up to the car park.
Strip taken from larger photograph showing scallop wall paper patterns projected on to a a large, flat concrete pillar.