Camilla Brueton


Photograph of landscape in Queentown TasmaniaCall and Response

2021- ongoing

As part of the Wild Ways online residency, I collaborated with Australian artist Margaret Woodward. We established a process of exchange – using digital geocoding app W3W and messaging app WhatsApp to share locations, words and images between Tasmania and Wales during a shared walk. A call and response, responding to each other and our environs. Material generated became a text image/map and a spoken word piece, combined as an animation. We continue our collaboration for City of Hobart’s City Pilots temporary public art commission in April 2022, ‘published’ within the city’s Digital Twin – a tool used by planners and engineers to harness together data and a 3D rendering of the city.

Drawing Connections

2015 – ongoing

Drawing Connections is a collective of artists who have chosen to work collaboratively through the medium of drawing as a way to challenge both their individual practices and fixed notions of what we might consider drawing. 
Drawing Connections has included
: Tony Blackmore – Bethe Bronson – Camilla Brueton – Alison Carlier – Jill Evans – Helen Goodwin – Fiona Grady – Ruben Hale – Barry Haskins – Zahura Sultana Hossain – Sharon McElroy – Claire Manning – Gill Newton – Esperanza Perkins – Paul Ridyard – Nicki Rolls – Zita Saffrette – Nicola Saunderson – Angelika Steiger – Deborah Whitney

Photograph showing a cube made out of squared paper, sitting on a wooden ledge. The cube has the word 'place' punctured through it on its front face, and the word 'time' on the face just visable to the right.point and place

2001 – ongoing

point and place is a group of artists whose individual work includes drawing, movement, writing, sculpture, sound and social exchange. We have worked together since 2001 and produced point and place, a unique double-bound bookwith endlessly shifting viewpoints and thresholds and Hexagons a collaborative take on the game of pairs. The group continue to explore the possibilities of collaborative practice despite being geographically scattered.
point and place
is: Julie Brixey-Williams, Camilla Brueton, Simon Kennedy, Theron U. Schmidt, Rajni Shah and Caroline Younger.