Camilla Brueton



a digital plague with text inscribed on a mossy stone background

2021- 2022

moss.quarry.plaque is an international collaboration between artists Camilla Brueton (Cardiff/ Caerdydd, Wales/ Cymru) and Margaret Woodward (nipaluna/Hobart, lutruwita/Tasmania). Through a process of call and response across timezones, moss.quarry.plaque locates both artists in their respective cities and composes a poetic score now installed in the City of Hobart’s digital twin as a tangle of voices, words and data sets. The collaboration was undertaken at walking pace, in companionship with the steady rhythm of conversations, rallying back and forth across the global net of geocodes. See collages, hear audio or visit the moss.quarry.plaque instagram for digital traces of the project.


Photograph of landscape in Queentown TasmaniaCall and Response


As part of the Wild Ways online residency, I collaborated with Australian artist Margaret Woodward. We established a process of exchange – using digital geocoding app W3W and messaging app WhatsApp to share locations, words and images between Tasmania and Wales during a shared walk. A call and response, responding to each other and our environs. Material generated became a text image/map and a spoken word piece, combined as an animation. We continue our collaboration for City of Hobart’s City Pilots temporary public art commission in April 2022, ‘published’ within the city’s Digital Twin – a tool used by planners and engineers to harness together data and a 3D rendering of the city.

Drawing Connections

2015 – 2018

Drawing Connections is a collective of artists who have chosen to work collaboratively through the medium of drawing as a way to challenge both their individual practices and fixed notions of what we might consider drawing. 
Drawing Connections has included
: Tony Blackmore – Bethe Bronson – Camilla Brueton – Alison Carlier – Jill Evans – Helen Goodwin – Fiona Grady – Ruben Hale – Barry Haskins – Zahura Sultana Hossain – Sharon McElroy – Claire Manning – Gill Newton – Esperanza Perkins – Paul Ridyard – Nicki Rolls – Zita Saffrette – Nicola Saunderson – Angelika Steiger – Deborah Whitney

Photograph showing a cube made out of squared paper, sitting on a wooden ledge. The cube has the word 'place' punctured through it on its front face, and the word 'time' on the face just visable to the right.point and place

2001 – ongoing

point and place is a group of artists whose individual work includes drawing, movement, writing, sculpture, sound and social exchange. We have worked together since 2001 and produced point and place, a unique double-bound bookwith endlessly shifting viewpoints and thresholds and Hexagons a collaborative take on the game of pairs. The group continue to explore the possibilities of collaborative practice despite being geographically scattered.
point and place
is: Julie Brixey-Williams, Camilla Brueton, Simon Kennedy, Theron U. Schmidt, Rajni Shah and Caroline Younger.