Camilla Brueton


Drawing Connections

2015 – ongoing

Drawing Connections is a group of 20 artists who have chosen to work collaboratively through the medium of drawing as a way to challenge both their individual practices and fixed notions of what we might consider drawing. 
Drawing Connections includes
: Tony Blackmore – Bethe Bronson – Camilla Brueton – Alison Carlier – Jill Evans – Helen Goodwin – Fiona Grady – Ruben Hale – Barry Haskins – Zahura Sultana Hossain – Sharon McElroy – Claire Manning – Gill Newton – Esperanza Perkins – Paul Ridyard – Nicki Rolls – Zita Saffrette – Nicola Saunderson – Angelika Steiger – Deborah Whitney



Photograph showing a cube made out of squared paper, sitting on a wooden ledge. The cube has the word 'place' punctured through it on its front face, and the word 'time' on the face just visable to the right.point and place

2001 – ongoing

point and place is a group of artists whose individual work includes drawing, movement, writing, sculpture, sound and social exchange. We have worked together since 2001 and produced point and place in 2007, a unique double-bound bookwith endlessly shifting viewpoints and thresholds . The group continue to explore the possibilities of collaborative practice despite now being geographically scattered.
point and place
is: Julie Brixey-Williams, Camilla Brueton, Simon Kennedy, Theron U. Schmidt, Rajni Shah and Caroline Younger.



Photograph of the postcard booklet. Shows a cropped image of a bookstall, with the words 'Postcards from Leather Lane by Aoife Mannix' underneath.Postcards from Leather Lane


Postcards from Leather Lane was a collaboration with writer Aoife Mannix, commissioned by Spread the Word and Camden Libraries. Inspired by Aoife’s work with local community groups and stall holders, we designed and produced a booklet of postcards about Leather Lane Market in Camden. The postcard booklet featured Aoife’s writing, accompanied by my images.





Image showing the elbow of a man working on a laptop at a desk. To his right, benath a black angle poise lamp is a small grey toy car, and a white glove. Object Retrieval


Artist Joshua Sofaer and curator  Simon Gould, in association with UCL Museums & Collections initiated a mass participation project to exhibit and explore a single object from the UCL Pathology Collection on a routemaster bus over
7 days, 24 hours a day. I was one of 7 ‘research provocateurs’ who manned the bus 24 hours a day and initiated research with passing public, students and academic from UCL.




Photograph of an annotated map of London, resting against a red hardback book, on the pages of a notebook which has been written on.

Social Tapestries


Whilst working for Proboscis on their Social Tapestries project I became involved in several interactive projects which explored the potential benefits and costs of local knowledge mapping and sharing. Feral Robots linked hobbyist robotics with community environmental activism. I also worked with a shortlife housing co-op, St Marks to uncover their history and look at ways of utilising technology to retain future knowledge. Reports from both projects are available to download from the Social Tapestries site