Camilla Brueton

An OHP projects a line drwing on to the wall

line drawing with a blue circle
coloured pencil on paper 3d drawing of a recess  black line drawing of a recess with blue background

UntitledA Many Sided Thing: A Residency Of Collaborations

Collaborative residency with Lisa Soloveiva
Wimbledon Space

Main picture:
Projection and publication
Camilla Brueton and Lisa Solovieva

Further images – drawings in mixed media by Camilla Brueton and Lisa Solovieva

Exploring architecture, drawing and collaboration, Camilla and Lisa responded to the setting of Wimbledon Space gallery and the surrounding institution. Process led, above is the final work and a small selection of preparatory drawings. A limited edition artist’s publication ‘LISCA #1’ was also produced.

A Many Sided Thing: A Residency of Collaborations was a project initiated by Drawing Connections and involved a series of residencies of collaborative partnerships, resulting in a group show at Wimbledon Space.