Camilla Brueton

Image showing a field of yellow and green flax plants as far as the eye can see. There is blue sky above and the horizon goes on a slant upwards from left to right. In the foreground is a drawing of the back of a CCTV camera. It rests in the flax.

Photograph of a drawing of several cctv cameras, attached to a branch in a pine tree.
Photograph of a red metal football goal with a yellow net. It is a sunny day, there is green grass and blue sky in the background. There is a wire fence behind the goal.
Photograph of a drawing of a cctv camera, resting on some hay.
Photograph of a house with a pitched roof and two windows, emerging from behind some trees in the foreground. The house has red and yellow vertical stripes.
Photograph of a drawing of a cctv camera, attached to a red metal washing-line pole. In the background is a white block of flats.

Around here, even the trees have eyes

20 Photographs and photographs of drawings in situ
Postsovkhoz 6
Moks, Estonia

Postsovkhoz was an annual international artist symposium held at arts centre Moks in Mooste, Estonia. The literal translation of ‘Postsovkhoz’ means ‘after the collective farm’ and reflects the life of the village of Mooste after the break up of the Soviet Union. Postsovkhoz 6 was themed around the idea of the ‘human zoo’. Having invited artists to make site specific and engaged work in the village over the past 5 years, it was an opportunity to question who was actually viewing who.

The title ‘Around here, even the trees have eyes‘ is a direct quote from an artist who grew up in the village, having moved there from the nearby town of Tartu aged 8. The work explores the notion of surveillance in a small rural community.

Around here, even the trees have eyes was also exhibited in the UK as part of KISSS at Castlefield Gallery in 2008.