Camilla Brueton

A collage on green squared paper, of a ship, a wall and aerial view of sandy landscape
A collage with lots of squares cut out/ stuck on.
a collage of two photographs of different walkways, cut into each other, stuck on blue squared paper
A collage of a stream merging with a road and an arean, an aerial view of trees behind
A collage on green paper, combining a satelite view of the ocean, a wood and a stone.
A collage of a satelite image of the ocean, a building and a multicoloured lightening flash
Collage of green graphpaper, landscape and landmass.

Nipaluna/ Hobart : Cardiff/Caerdydd collages

Digital print and mixed media on paper.
Various sizes, approx A4
A series of collages formed from photographs taken whilst collaborating with artist Margaret Woodward on Moss: Quarry: Plaque. We shared 3 walks in Nipaluna/ Hobart & Caerdydd/ Cardiff and travelled to locations across the globe via our words and the geolocating system, what3words.

more about the project.

Visit the Hobart City digital twin – a virtual version of the city where moss.quarry.plaque artworks are installed

Experience more of the project in real time on instagram at @moss.quarry.plaque with fly throughs of the Digital Twin installations, extracts of text and mossy and geological textures.

Hear the artists speak an audio score exploring the ideas that underpin the work, with field recordings from Cardiff and Hobart.