Camilla Brueton

Photograph showing thee classic cars on the top deck of a multi storey car park. The picture is taken from the ramp leading up to the car park.
Photograph of the back of a white Ford car, probably from the 1980's. The car is on the top deck of a multi storey carpark. There is a tower block in the background.Photograph of the event 'Multi Story' showing the top deck of a multi storey car park full of classic cars. There are also some people in the picture, looking at the cars.Photograph of a green, red and blue car on the top of a multi storey car park. There are several people in the background.Photograph of a man stepping out of his red MG midget car. The bonnet is up.Photograph of a map covered in post it notes, containing quotes about why people park at the multi storey car park.

multi story

Residency and live event
Shift, Merrion Centre, Leeds

Culminating in a classic car meet and tea party, multi story commemorated the 40th Anniversary of the Merrion Centre Car Park, the first ever multi-storey car park in Leeds. Artists, classic car enthusiasts and friends came together for an afternoon of fun on the top story of the car park. multi story was part of the site specific group show Shift curated by EmergeD.