Camilla Brueton

Pen drawing of two cctv cameras mounted mid way up a lampost. They are facing opposite ways.
Pen drawing of a CCTV camera, close up. This camera is quite curvy and its gaze is towards the bottom left corner.Pen drawing of two posts with identical cameras facing opposite ways. Both have one camera mounted on the top, and two towards the bottom of the picture.Pen drawing of several CCTV cameras and a mass of wires, mounted on a horizontal bar.Pen drawing of a CCTV camera from the side, on top of a pole, looking downwards.Pen drawing of a bus lane surveillance camera, from the side.

Surveillance Mass

Pen on paper
10cm x 10cm
34 drawings in series

Drawn shortly after the introduction of the Congestion Charge in London, Surveillance Mass charted the government or local authority owned cameras surveying and regulating public space on my route to work, from Brixton to Hackney.