Camilla Brueton


Dalston Junction (Installation 1 ) detail


Dalston Junction (Installation 1)

Installation, graphite on paper and wall, with collage
3m x 2.5m

I was commissioned by Made in Arts London to create a site specific drawing installation about Dalston Junction for the group show ‘Fake Nature’ at Point Zero in Dalston.

This area of London has undergone massive changes in the last 5-10 years, particularly influenced by the arrival of the new ‘Overground’ train service.

It is also where I grew up. I returned to Dalston, using photography (both my own and archival), drawing, and conversations with the Hackney Silver Surfers  to explore the different layers and stratas that form Dalston Junction today, and the memories of place that linger on.

The installation consisted of 3 large sheets of drawings and collage worked up in the studio. These were installed, and the drawing expanded onto and across the walls of the gallery.