Camilla Brueton

Photograph showing a yellow tea cup sitting on a round table, covered in a red gingham table cloth. There is a wooden chair in the middleground to the right. To the left are a series of red pillars and a block of flats in the distance.
Photograph of a brown wooden shed inside a gallery. The word 'Societea' is above the shed window, which has been turned into a serving hatch for tea and cake. In the foreground is a table with a red gingham tablecloth, a tea pot and tea cups.
A photograph showing the view from inside the shed, looking out into the gallery. There are cakes in the foreground. In the gallery are several round tables with red gingham tablecloths. At the furthest table, 3 people sit having a conversation.
Close up of a skull mug. In the background to the left are two people drinking tea and chatting at a table in the gallery.
A photograph of 30 photographs of mugs that people brought along to the shows' 'Mug-athon'. The mugs are all shapes and sizes.
Photograph of an old hardback book called 'How to live in a flat'. The cover is orange and features a black embossed drawing of a curvey modernist block of flats. The book sits on a gingham tablecloth.


Installation, live events
Exhibit, London

Societea turned the Exhibit gallery in Golden Lane Estate into a tea hut for two weeks. Tea and cake were exchanged for conversation and daily arts activities took place. A ‘mugathon’ happened- visitors were invited to bring their favourite mug for a free cuppa and to include it in the ‘mugathon hall of fame’. Many shared stories about how they had acquired their favourite mug, and their relationship with the local area. This was the beginning of a residency at Golden Lane Estate.