Camilla Brueton

A mixed media piece, made up of several landscapes
Detail from "Distant Places N&W" showing the Llanishen Tax Office
Detail from "Distant Places N&W". Collaged image of a skate park.
A drawing merging several places
close up showing line drawing of skate park and boxy buildings
A mixed media piece combining sculptural forms with landscape

Distant Places (N&W) I

Pencil, gouache, chalk and collage on paper
51cm x 50cm

Distant Places (N&W) II

Pencil on paper
59cm x 42cm

Distant Places (N&W) III

Pencil, gouache, chalk and collage on board
40cm x 40cm

Part of the ongoing ‘Distant Places’ series, bringing together disperate places and viewpoints. Here North Cardiff (featuring a current obsession – the old Llanishen Tax Office) meets West Wales and Garth Evan’s scupltural forms

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