Camilla Brueton

Black and white a colour photogrpahic collage of the old tax office in Llanishen
Photograph of the tax office seen between two houses. Skyline has been drawn in
The tax office peeps over a roof. Squared paper is collaged behind
The tax office towers above some houses. Rays of blue, green and yello light have been added
Collage of a sculptural form and the tax office
Sculptural form and photo fo tax office are collaged on a wall
The tax office appears on the horizon, with a drawn sunburst behind

The Tax Office collages

2020 – ongoing
Collage and coloured pencil on paper
All smaller than A4

An ongoing series refelecting on the presence of the old Tax Office in Llanishen, Cardiff. One of the few highrise buildings in North Cardiff, it is quietly omnipresent. It lurks quietly in the background locally and can be see from many other places in the city. It’s brutalist days are numbered – the site has long been ear-marked for demolition. Current plans will see a new high school built there after developers abandoned plans for building new houses.

Also present in some of the collages are the sculptural forms of Garth Evans.

The Tax Office also features in Distant Places (N&W)I

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