Camilla Brueton

A screen shot of an instagram post showing and aerial photograph of tree tops and the words "dish.antenna.vibrate" in left hand corner

A screenshot from within the Hobart City digital twin, showing the bandstand in St Davids park and stone plaque withe the words ""A screen shot from the city of Hobarts digital twin, showing an aerial view of the bandstand in St Davids Park. Words hang over the city in the background.

A screen shot showing a sandstone coloured plaque through some goldern leaves, in the Hobart City digital twinA screen shot from the Hobart City digital twin showing a road junction and text hovering above the city
A screen shot from instagramshowing alternate posts of plaque inscriptions and stone textures


Public art digital installation

moss.quarry.plaque is an international collaboration between Camilla Brueton (Cardiff/ Caerdydd, Wales/ Cymru) and Margaret Woodward (nipaluna/Hobart, lutruwita/Tasmania). Through a process of call and response across timezones, moss.quarry.plaque locates both artists in their respective cities and composes a poetic score now installed in the City of Hobart’s digital twin as a tangle of voices, words and data sets.

Pulling at the links and colonial relationship between UK and Tasmania, the work exists virtually in St David’s Park, Hobart and along the routes of the artists’ shared walks in the City of Hobart’s digital twin. In this simulated world, words sent from Cardiff hover above the city skyline. Plaques installed in the park disrupt the virtual landscape and poetically question presence and absence.

The collaboration was undertaken at walking pace, in companionship with the steady rhythm of conversations, rallying back and forth across the global net of geocodes.

@moss.quarry.plaque on Instagram is making the virtual more visible in real time. Here, you can see fly throughs of the Digital Twin installations, extracts of text and images generated by the project.

An audio score explores the ideas and sounds that underpin the work and features field recordings from Cardiff and Hobart. Locations travelled to across the globe via walking and the words generated through the project collide in a series of collages.

moss.quarry.plaque is part of City Pilots, a series of temporary, exploratory artworks installed throughout the City of Hobart (within the actual or the digital twin of the city) and funded by the City of Hobart.

Visit Hobart City’s digital twin – a virtual version of the city, where moss.quarry.plaque artwork has been installed
Hear the audio score – where the artists share the ideas and walking process that underpins the project.
See collages made by Camilla Brueton as part of moss.quarry.plaque
Visit moss.quarry.plaque on instagram